Despite our differences or because

of them the interview goes well …

(Sturovo, Slovakia January 30th 2016)



Just four weeks into the job

but you ask questions the right way

as the butts of your cigarettes acquire

sculpture status on the table between us.


You work for your regional magazine

and yes I am a little homesick

for my own region (I didn’t know

until you asked).


We have nothing but the light

of our smiles in common –


you juggle several languages as

I struggle to keep just one afloat,


the years race alongside me

gaining ground

while youth still sparks

like organic electronics

from your eyes, from the tips

of your nail bitten fingers.


I gave up

smoking and psychedelic music

(feigning both in the first instance).


You grew up against a backdrop

of overlapping histories, war torn

and lovelorn, of never ending,

ever mending bridges.


I chose an island off an island as home.


Still here we are, communicating

in the Green Pub as you transcribe

my English, making mental notes

on band rehearsal for your next gig.


So when I describe your town as

quietly amazing, please understand

by the end of the interview, I mean

you too …