Eurasian magpie

Ah, Pic pic, there you are!

Mythology demands I greet you with respect

lest a curse befall me, so please forgive

the tardy introduction. In my defence let me say

I am used to another, a carolling cousin down under,

a warbling weaver of dreams, not this harsher tongue…

I pay you a compliment sir (or madame as the case may be).

What gossip do you carry from tree to tree?

What secrets, what intelligences concealed in chat?

High flyer – do you tally the trash and treasure

flow of the river under the bridge I guard

with little more than fancy? Beyond myth,

into serious study, I learn you are no fool.

Ah Pic pic, how do you do then?

Tool maker, strategist, flirter, griever …

how easily you distract us with flatter

with your plain imitations of the human voice …