A week of leaving (part 1)


Have an adventure

in early spring if you can,

go somewhere un-signposted

someplace you’ve only heard about

through word of mouth or read about

in the chronicles of shamans.

Take a guide who was once there,

say twenty years ago,

whose eyes still shine a little

when he speaks of it,

trust that his mind map is linked

to his heart, be open to getting lost –

it could be part of the story

that sustains you

when nothing else will.

Permit children to follow,

to sometimes lead.

Begin in a fairytale forest

of beech trees, taking note

of yellow and purple flowers,

moss covered boulders,

life shooting through decay.

The terrain will be uneven,

adjust your gait accordingly.

Allow yourself to sink a little

now and then, embrace gravity.

You will pass through vast areas

of tiny rock-stacked altars,

take a moment to build one yourself,

it does not matter that you do not know why.

For the sake of this adventure, accept

the memorial to visitation as fact.

If the opportunity presents itself

swing from tree vines, climb a waterfall.

When you arrive at your destination

you might want to do something

to mark the occasion,

it has already been done –

the first bead in a necklace of poems

you will make then give away,

the first part of leaving begun …


forest mossspringyellowlittlerockpilesnewshootspringpurplevisitationladderwaterladdersrockcloseupusmount ram